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Sat 9 Oct 2021
at 18:31
Level 20 Pathfinder!
I would love to play in a level 20 Pathfinder game. They are fantastically fun to play in and I have not seen any pop up on this site in quite some time. It would preferably be gestalt and/or mythic, but neither of those is a requirement. I am also fine with a large or small group of PCs. Even a solo game would be fine, but in my experience having at least two PCs usually works best. I do not have an alignment preference either, so both good and/or evil parties are fine by me.

I know that at such high levels it can be difficult to create compelling storylines and challenges, so I am fine if the game focuses more on just doing cool stuff with our overpowered abilities rather than saving/conquering the world. Saving/conquering the world is also fine though. I'm not picky.

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Sun 10 Oct 2021
at 18:27
Level 20 Pathfinder!
I might be able to do something with this. I have 2 game ideas. rMail me and we can work something out.
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Tue 12 Oct 2021
at 15:18
Level 20 Pathfinder!
I might have an idea or two. Email me if you’d like to discuss.