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Mon 18 Oct 2021
at 15:59
Star Trek Adventures?

Recently, I've started dipping my feet in the Star Trek universe once again... and I realized that I still have some (legal) PDF books for Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures. Not all of them... but enough to try playing the game. And I started wondering: would a Star Trek game that uses this system be interesting? Maybe I should invest in the remaining books for the game?

And so, a question: would anyone be interested in GMing a Star Trek Adventures game for me? I'd like to test the system and check whether the setting is still engaging enough for me to buy the rest of the books...

I'd be interested in a solo or small group game, any rating.

Anyone interested? If so, please rMail me :)
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Mon 18 Oct 2021
at 16:09
Star Trek Adventures?

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Mon 18 Oct 2021
at 18:23
Star Trek Adventures?
I'm interested on participating as a player, but I'd like to start only using the quick start rules, if possible. If the trial will be positive, I'll consider buying the full ruleset.
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Thu 21 Oct 2021
at 11:05
Star Trek Adventures?
I will think about it. I was supposed to be a GM for an IRL group, but that fell through because the main participants (including me) couldn't find a date good for everyone (maybe next month). The game was planned to run with the quickstart, but an altered version of adventure module presented (too focused on fight, and too railroaded to my tastes), so if someone checked it out before, it should be familiar. I will be able to give a more yes/no answer next week.
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Wed 27 Oct 2021
at 20:36
Star Trek Adventures?
I will give it a try.