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13:57, 29th May 2024 (GMT+0)


Posted by Phantom Mouse
Phantom Mouse
member, 84 posts
Sat 13 Jan 2024
at 17:08
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I'd love to play in a Triumphant supers game.

I'm almost up for any supers game as long as either a.) it's affordable, or b.) people are willing to help put a character together.

I'd like the world to be similar to an '80's comic book.
member, 826 posts
Sun 14 Jan 2024
at 10:50
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Count me in to play have triumphant but never played it other supers rule will try
Phantom Mouse
member, 85 posts
Fri 16 Feb 2024
at 20:01
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Bump.  It is a very fun super hero game.  The character creation is super simple as well.
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