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14:28, 29th May 2024 (GMT+0)

PbtA Hearts of Wulin Xianxia.

Posted by ChbiMikru
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Wed 6 Mar 2024
at 18:24
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PbtA Hearts of Wulin Xianxia


So I've been getting into more Powered by the Apocalypse games recently, and I remember I first tried it with a Hearts of Wulin playtest a while ago. I recently discovered that the game is complete now and I bought the finished rules.

I've been inspired by some Chinese media lately, and I'd love to play in this game again.

My biggest inspirations are the Chinese shows Fox Spirit Matchmaker and the Untamed on Netflix (AKA Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation). I also read the webnovels Way of Choices and Emperor's Domination.
I'm definitely thinking more fantastical, xianxia or xuanhuan instead of wuxia genre-wise, although I also loved the Return of the Condor Heroes.

Are there any GMs out there that have experience running Asian Fantasy and Hearts of Wulin? Any other players that would be interested in this sort of game? I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences.
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Wed 6 Mar 2024
at 18:43
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PbtA Hearts of Wulin Xianxia

I would absolutely be on board to join in as a player. I've never heard of this specific PbtA hack, but I've loved almost all of them so far, and I think this is a really cool setting and genre to dive into.
member, 330 posts
Wed 6 Mar 2024
at 21:08
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PbtA Hearts of Wulin Xianxia

I'd play this.
member, 88 posts
Sun 10 Mar 2024
at 22:11
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PbtA Hearts of Wulin Xianxia

I could definitely run something like this. I've got Hearts but have never run it; though I have run several other PBtA systems so I'm very familiar with how it all works and I think Hearts has some nice twists on the mechanics.

How xianxia were you wanting to go with it? I'm all about the more fantastic elements (sword fights on tree branches, evil sorcerers, demons and suchlike) though might struggle if you were after something more towards the "punching holes in mountains" extreme end of things.
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Mon 11 Mar 2024
at 16:21
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PbtA Hearts of Wulin Xianxia

Glad to see interest for this!

I think the level of fantasy from The Untamed would be ideal. Grounded in realism most of the time, but epic fantastical moments are still possible from the very strong or by cooperation. Definitely not punching holes in mountains level, but cultivators may be able to fly on swords, control the elements, or cause shockwaves. Maybe like the height of the world is similar to higher levels of DnD, but not epic levels.

Just to give some context, this is some of my inspiration for the fantastic elements of xianxia:
I like the cultivation aspect of pursuing the Dao to ascend to heaven and attain immortality, but it still seems like an impossible dream. The top cultivator, Sword Saint, etc may seem so close to the goal, but they are not a god, and if they were, they'd have actually ascended to a higher realm, leaving the mundane realm of the setting. There's always rumors of it being possible though, and sometimes when elder cultivators disappear from view, it's unknown whether they ascended without telling anyone or simply passed away (most of the time, they passed away or went into hiding).
member, 89 posts
Tue 12 Mar 2024
at 21:06
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PbtA Hearts of Wulin Xianxia

Excellent, definitely think I can work with that!

Give me a couple of days to set a game up.
member, 21 posts
Fri 15 Mar 2024
at 00:53
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PbtA Hearts of Wulin Xianxia

Awesome! Looking forward to it.
member, 90 posts
Fri 15 Mar 2024
at 22:16
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PbtA Hearts of Wulin Xianxia

Board is up here link to another game.

Still a bit of a work in progress but ready enough.
member, 41 posts
Mon 18 Mar 2024
at 01:12
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PbtA Hearts of Wulin Xianxia

Well, I went there, but no players seem to have entered. I am very interested in playing if there will be other players It seemed from the posts here that several people were interesed in playing, but they have not entered the game as of when I checked. I will check again later.
member, 91 posts
Wed 20 Mar 2024
at 22:01
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PbtA Hearts of Wulin Xianxia

Had two people interested thus far but been away so a bit slower than usual on the posting (typing on my tablet is a nightmare!).

So should definitely get up and running.
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