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Thu 1 Apr 2021
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Dice roller request: Warhammer Fantasy 4th
Hello in Warhammer Fantasy 4th edition the dice roller changed heavily.

You have a target number which is theoriticaly between 1 and 100 but in some cases it could be more and less too... I would say it should be between -100 and 200

How the dice roller should work

it is a d100 roll

- If your roll is equal or below the target number it is a success
- If your roll is above the target number it is a failure
- If your roll is between 01 and 05 it is an auto success
- If your roll is between 96 and 100 it is an auto failure

Success Level
- Subtract the 10s of the roll from the 10s of the target number
For example if you roll 37 and the target was 51 it is s 5-3=2
This could be a positive or negative number

For every test it should show
- The number rolled
- The result (success, failure, etc)
- The success level (SL)

So to follow the example above the roll of 37 against 51 is a Success with 2 SL and with the roll of 37

The rolled number should be saved too as in some cases it is important to know