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Private Message Creation/Listing Change Request
I'm in a game where the GM has made a 'character' for every single NPC that has ever shown up, no matter how small or short the roll, so the "Make this message private to (post will appear in the Private Messages area):" list is extensive.

My proposed requests are two-fold, and frankly I'll be happy with either, whichever is simpler to implement (though if I can get both, /happyclamdance.gif):

1 - Put a Check Flag to turn off PMing to NPCs.  This will simply remove NPCs from the listing, leaving Player and GM characters being the only available choices.  This would help tremendously, but is not the ideal solution for me despite my listing it first, I just figure it'll be useful to some/many GMs.  And I say 'add a check flag' so the GM can turn it off, not so it's automagically off for everyone.  Heck if it could be added as a check box to the Character Tag Wizard that'd be super perfect.

2 - Separate the GMs, PCs, and NPCs.  Just that, have three distinct sections listing the choices for PMs, so when I'm scrolling through 12 pages worth of PCs and NPCs looking for the specific GM/PC/NPC it at least speeds up the process if the GM has left PMing on for everything.

And yes, PMing privileges should be on for every PC and I don't think it should be 'turn-offable', though I can accept there may be valid arguments for removing PMing privileges from Players...