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Thu 14 Oct 2021
at 15:45
Against the Darkmaster orphans

I was in a game of Against the Darkmaster that was cancelled very abruptly, and I think I'm not the only player who would have liked to go on. So I'm thinking about taking that mantle myself, if our GM won't show up/nobody else would GM. Doesn't necessarily have to be the same setting or characters, but I thought it would be nice to reach out and see if I could get the band back together (you know who you are).

The idea

Dark fantasy world, somewhat gritty but with a general Fighting Big Evil direction as suggested by the AtD book. I'm thinking a group of maybe 5-6 players. New players are welcome, but I'd like to give priority to players of the cancelled game if they're still around and still interested. So get in touch. You can reprise your old character or make a new one, and we can pick it up where things were, fast-forward or scrap it altogether and start afresh.

Ideas, comments, etc?