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Sat 8 Jan 2022
at 16:33
IC:Anima Beyond Fantasy
  I have a concept for an Anima game. Basically it is set before the current time of Gaia. It would be a slightly alternate history of Gaia. The major difference is that the supernatural agents of the Holy Empire are not persecuted. Mainly because I plan on having the players be said agents. Technicians tend to be less prosecuted because their abilities aren't as flashy, but I don't want the wizard or mentalist to feel constrained because of mob mentality.

   Basically it would be during one of the Shadow Wars during the reign of the Giovanni. Or if everyone is feeling up to it we could set it during the War of God. Mainly wanting to set things up so folks could play what they wanted and not get shafted for it. Personally would prefer to set it during a Shadow War, but I throw that out there in case folks were interested in something that high level of magic.

Or quite possibly on The New Continent. Since that area is far less detailed than the vast majority of Gaia. Because well Gaia Volume 2 never came out in English.

  Now all of this being said I'm still fairly new to the system. So for the beginning at least I am not going to allow mentalists. And the Arcana, Dominus, and Prometium books override the Core in their specific area. For the beginning at least I don't plan on tweaking the base rules. It would be RAW until I get a better handle on them. Starting character level would be 2. Everyone would have the same XP.

  I plan on focusing on story over rolls and it will probably be a bit slower paced, but that is so the focus stays on the game itself and not getting to the end. I prefer to be long haul vs burn bright and out.

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Tue 11 Jan 2022
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IC:Anima Beyond Fantasy
Sounds like you're giving everyone the Saint advantage (Beyond the Dreams, p. 288) for free.  When will you be allowing mentalists?
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Tue 11 Jan 2022
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IC:Anima Beyond Fantasy
In reply to chaosblade (msg # 2):

Down the line once I have had time to go over them in greater detail. Currently going over Wizards/Summoners. Fairly solid on Ki and standard combat stuff.
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Thu 20 Jan 2022
at 14:56
Re: IC:Anima Beyond Fantasy
The past of Gaia isn't something I've seen explored much in games but that would be pretty interesting. As for less detailed regions of the world there are also Kalis and Lunaris which beyond some basic details are pretty much open books. Since their books hasn't been written, although I believe it was in the author's plan at some point.