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Thu 6 Oct 2022
at 14:58
IC: Invisible Sun
Hello friends,

Checking to see if there would be any interest in playing Invisible Sun by MCG.It seems to me ideally suited to a PBP format, and a bunch of creative writers willing to focus on storytelling could really bring the world to life in all its weird glory.


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Thu 6 Oct 2022
at 19:51
IC: Invisible Sun
Count de Monet
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Sun 9 Oct 2022
at 13:37
IC: Invisible Sun
I would be interested.
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Mon 10 Oct 2022
at 12:02
IC: Invisible Sun
I'm interested. :)
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Tue 11 Oct 2022
at 02:05
IC: Invisible Sun
Interested, but unsure of reality.