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14:29, 25th February 2024 (GMT+0)

IC: Eberron 5E...

Posted by liblarva
member, 794 posts
Wed 20 Sep 2023
at 04:41
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IC: Eberron 5E...

A world forged by dragons and torn apart by war. A world of evil villains, brave heroes, and the people caught in between. A world of adventure—the world of Eberron.

An uneasy peace lies over the land. Intrigue, unrest, the schemes of dark powers, and open warfare interrupt this peace. Many groups struggle for power. Many of them plan and execute cunning plots out of the public eye. Even as the Church of the Silver Flame works to erase evil from Eberron, the Lords of Dust plot to wipe out civilization.

Magic is infused into the land. Everyone sees the gifts of magic. Magical technology is everywhere: everburning streetlights, elemental airships, and the speeding lightning rail.

The lands of Eberron are diverse. The continent of Khorvaire has both refined cities and savage wilderness. On Xen’drik, the ruins of a very old civilization hold great treasure and many secrets. The dragons of Argonnessen study the skies and search for clues about a great Prophecy. Nightmare beings live in the minds of the rulers of Sarlona.

The people of Eberron strive for one thing: to survive in an exciting and change-filled world...

I want to run a player/character-driven Eberron 5E game. Would there be any interest?
Sir Swindle
member, 400 posts
Wed 20 Sep 2023
at 05:06
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IC: Eberron 5E...

It's the most popular game in the site, you'll do fine.
member, 10 posts
Wed 20 Sep 2023
at 05:26
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IC: Eberron 5E...

I think you will find interest, particularly if you start off at a reasonable level (3-5) and have a way of having group cohesion, color me interested.
member, 427 posts
Wed 20 Sep 2023
at 05:28
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IC: Eberron 5E...

Of course there is interest :)
member, 308 posts
Wed 20 Sep 2023
at 07:39
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IC: Eberron 5E...

Too bad this isn't 3.5

Best of luck in your game! Hope to see more Eberron games.
member, 227 posts
Wed 20 Sep 2023
at 10:13
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IC: Eberron 5E...

Yes, you will have no problem getting a 5E game going.

I would think how you want to make sure it feels like an Eberron game, and not a generic D&D campaign.

Being player driven can sometimes be overwhelming for a player, as there are limitless options, and end up stalling as they don;t know what to do.
member, 30 posts
Loves to play a bard
Mediocre DM
Thu 21 Sep 2023
at 14:42
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IC: Eberron 5E...

Throwing my hand up for interest.
member, 795 posts
Fri 22 Sep 2023
at 01:26
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IC: Eberron 5E...

Game is open.

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