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[IC] Discord VC, Strength of Thousands, heavily modified mec
I've seen a bunch of interest for this AP, and I need test players, so it seems like a win-win to run the AP in my system.

I can run this as a vc game on discord, but three catches,

1) I don't have money to buy the ap, so I'd need the group to pitch in for it or lend it to me.

2) I am looking to use my own mechanics, 3.5/pf1 but gone in a different direction than pf2/5e. I want to test play it and this AP has the kind of downtime that would work well with reviewing and adjusting mechanics between segments without disrupting the narrative. I like mechanics as language over being rules, so it keeps the casual simulationism of d20.

3) Scheduling is limited, right now that means weeknights starting around 23:00 central time in the USA.

Optional, I have a uniquely different setting that this AP would fit well with, if anyone is interested in exploring that.

System - Built on the 3.x ogl with some inspiration from pf1,
-classes are now feat trees,
-most checks that weren't skills such as attack rolls, combat maneuvers, and magic are now skills,
-character advancement is different giving many more levels amd versatility for a given amount of raw power growth (so thematically growing from classic lvl 1 ordinary person to demigod lvl 20 might take 100 lvls instead),
-and magic is reworked so that instead of being balanced by how often it can be used, instead magic can be used a lot more but is a skill check to cast and the numbers on magic are lower when compared to mundane alternatives (i.e. a fighter is supposed to easily outdamage a caster, but the caster can use various dmg types and doesn't require a weapon to do it.)
-actions are not resolved until everyone has declared their actions, cause everything that happens in a round is simultaneous, so here, that is better represented by the outcome of one player's action being uncertain when the next player decides their action, but this also allows more interesting things to occur on occasion, for example, if a bad guy is attack by two characters and the dmg kills it, then two attackers both got killing strikes either working together or just by accident striking different places at once overwhelming the enemy defenses, or other possibilities
-Dice, 3d6 except the dice are sized according to stats.
-Health, hp/injuries, similar to wounds/vitality except instead of being two pools of points, an injury is a specific and defined injury with side effects according to the injury, i.e. an injured leg might slow speed and jump and etc.

If you're not interested, what puts you off and how can I improve?
You can pm me or visit the thread I posted on paizo forums. I will make a discord server if I get enough intetest.
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