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Thu 4 Nov 2021
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Adult One-On-One PBP Freeform Discord Games
Hello! I am a female roleplayer looking to get back into casual gaming now that I have some time on my hands.

My primary interest is in a casual one on one pbp game where there is no extreme pressure to post every day. I am interested in adult themes, specifically sex and nudity, but I like to keep things fairly lighthearted. I would like there to be around a 70-30 split between plot and sexiness. I would prefer to be the player, but can also GM if the game would work better that way. I mostly play female characters, but can also play male characters should it be needed!

I am comfortable in most genres, and I have experience playing in fantasy, urban fantasy, sci fi, and contemporary. I think it is fun to get creative with the setting, so if there is any weird and fun idea that you have that you would like to test out in a one on one game of any length, please feel free to pitch!

I hope that as player and GM, we would have a nice and friendly rapport. Please be respectful is all Iím asking :)

And finally, I am only looking to roleplay with other adults. Absolutely no minors!

If you have any ideas you have been wanting to try out, or questions you want to ask, please send an rmail for the basics, or contact me at SpicySoda#3579 on discord.. I look forward to seeing your ideas!

EDIT: in addition to original settings, I may also be interested in settings such as the Star Wars galaxy (Legends continuity), the Marvel Universe, and the DC Universe. Others may be considered as well.

Thanks for reading!

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