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Tue 19 Apr 2022
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Age of Rebellion game
It is a time of Civil War. The galaxy has fallen under the tyrannical rule of the GALACTIC EMPIRE. A few brave individuals, known as the REBEL ALLIANCE, have risen up to fight back.

With the Empire ceaselessly hunting down all resistance, the Rebels must be cunning and bold. A small group of resourceful individuals has been gathered together to form a new Special Operations unit. This ALPHA TEAM may be the last hope of the Alliance...

This game is set during the Rebellion Era of the Star Wars universe. The game will be a mix of custom missions and published missions.

It uses the Age of Rebellion ruleset published by Fantasy Flight Games. Characters will be created using any officially-published sourcebook. All Species will be allowed. All AoR Careers and Specializations will be allowed. New characters will begin at the Knight level.

We play weekly, alternating Sunday and Monday. The game usually begins at 1900 EST, running for about 3 hours.


If you have questions, send me a PM in roll20 or an rMail here on rpol.net.