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Fri 22 Jul 2022
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D&D 5e - Tyranny of Dragons - Roll20/Discord/DnDBeyond
Need a 4th to round out our 3 player crew. Hit me up on discord - Bog#6767 or message me here


Dragons have been raiding the small towns and villages along the Sword Coast. The Cult of Dragons has been participating in raids, which is strange since the cult's main objective in the past was raising Dracoliches. Many have been forced from their homes and fled to the coast's major city-states. You and the rest of your party have received letters from an elf named Leosin who asks you to meet him Greenest to help end the raids.

About the game:
Voice will be over discord
Sessions will be 4 hours long
Sessions will be weekly

Character Creation:
You can pick any race or class you like native to Toril (The Forgotten Realms).
If you wish to play something outside of Toril you can but I will need to approve it and we'll need a story about how and why you have traveled the multiverse to Toril.
Stats will be Point Buy or Standard Array
Every background is expected whether you choose to make your character a part of the campaign or not