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Mon 20 Jun 2016
at 17:40
Eclipse Phase-Predictive Boost Sleight
So, I'm tinkering with an async character and plan on taking Predictive Boost. RaW (and quite possible RaI) it's incredibly vague, potentially applying to every skill check. The only limiter that's even applied (aside from unknown outcome) is time. Since it specifically gives a boost to Fray, we know it works on things resolved more or less immediately but that also doesn't rule out benefits in a longer time frame.

Rules legally available here.

For players who may have used it, what have your GMs allowed you to apply the bonus to?

GMs/Theory Crafters, what would you place for limits?
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Wed 7 Dec 2016
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Eclipse Phase-Predictive Boost Sleight
In reply to ClausLars (msg # 1):

I've usually seen the 'intuition' element emphasized. It's useful for making sudden decisions for purposes of taking action, so it's great for Fray, Initiative, or trying to ricochet a grenade around a corner, and you could even probably sweet talk one of the GMs I've had in the past into letting it help you find the most likely way out of a burning building, but it isn't going to let you 'intuitively' crack serious encryption, program a fabber, do intensive research, or something else that's more about method/technology than it is intuition (yes, intuition can play SOME role in almost anything, but it isn't the majority of what's going on in coding). It might get permitted for certain social interactions, depending on what one's trying to do.

The other way I've seen it approached is via GIGO. Your PB ability is limited by available data. When you're in a firefight, you've got data literally coming at you. On the other hand, trying to predict the markets? Good luck, simply encompassing the amount of chaos going on (particularly since many corporations probably are both (1) trying to create AGI systems which can do market prediction and (2) similar systems which can 'jam' such prediction by inserting random buy/sell orders) is going to be effectively impossible.

Pretty much every GM I've ever discussed it with has agreed that it isn't applicable to every skill check, or even a majority of them.
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Wed 7 Dec 2016
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Eclipse Phase-Predictive Boost Sleight
Getting the bonus out of me would require that you have something physically present to predict off of.  Which way is that thing going to fall?  Where are there about to be bullets?  Which of those is about to explode?  All of those, it would help with.  Red or green button?  No help.

As written, it feels like the more data going in to the brain, the better the prediction would be, so if you're trying to do anything physical, it'd be a help (the aforementioned burning building is definitely on my list of allowable things).  Most bits of Climbing, Free Fall, Freerunning, Infiltration, and Pilot (as long as you're using your physical eyes to pilot) would get the bonus.  Fray and Init also get a bonus, which seems like enough of a combat boost for it.
Alex Vriairu
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Mon 2 Jan 2017
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Eclipse Phase-Predictive Boost Sleight
Ehh not really a gm, but the only reason I wouldn't give it to anything like markets or code breaking and research is because they have a skill right above it for pattern recognition.

then again the rules state +10 on ANY skill check predicting the outcome of events, so knowing me, I'd give them a +10 on literally any skill involving a prediction.