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Important!  Forum Rules. (updated 17 June 2010)

Posted by cruinne
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Sat 4 Sep 2004
at 17:08

Important!  Forum Rules.

Game Systems is a moderated forum, and all posts here are subject to RPoL's Public Forum Rules, as well as the rules outlined in this post.

  1. Keep your post narrowly focused on the specifics within a published game system.  Posting "have you heard of game system X" is not narrow enough; try the Community Chat forum for more relaxed talk about various systems.

  2. Do not mention, link to, name or allude to individual games here. This is not an advertising forum.

User-moderated discussion boards are also available on specific game systems.  Note that these boards are not official RPoL boards and are not checked by site moderators.  Their rules and methods are left entirely to those who run them.  (If you currently GM any such active board, you may contact the moderators using rMail to be considered for addition to this list.)  While these boards may be listed here, it is inappropriate to reply to any thread in this forum with a link or an invitation to any board which is not an official RPoL public forum.
  • The World of Darkness Forum discusses the WoD (New and Classic) system as well as Exalted rules.
  • [FF3e Returners] Guildhall Chat is a discussion forum featuring all that is related to the FF3e Returners system.  Note that this is an ADULT forum.
  • BESM Community Lounge is a discussion forum featuring all that is related to BESM.  Note that this is an ADULT forum.
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