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Blackwell GM
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Sun 3 May 2020
at 20:02
Found Treasure Record
List  What, Where Found, Who has it, or Current Location.
 player, 111 posts
Sun 3 May 2020
at 20:45
Found Treasure Record
Gorn found after the first fight with the brigands:

3 handaxes (Currently in Jenouise's wagon)
3 shortswords (Currently in Jenouise's wagon)
6 shortbows (Ligeia has one) (Rest in Jenouise's wagon)
6 quivers a total of 89 arrows (Ligeia has some of these) (Rest in Jenouise's wagon)
5 suits of leather armor (Even though we found these not sure we stripped them from the bodies. If we did they would be in Jenouise's wagon.
48 Shillings (in Gorn's pouch)
Afamrail Faemys
 player, 80 posts
Mon 4 May 2020
at 13:06
Found Treasure Record
small bronze beaver_Ligeia has

 a packet of dried flowers_ Rubus has

 A flask with magical writing on it
 -"Nightmare Ale,

and 41 sp, 9gp.

10 days iron rations
Rubus Elann
 player, 101 posts
Thu 7 May 2020
at 00:01
Found Treasure Record
two candles, 30 silver sling bullets, one Heal Wounds and one Cure Poison potion, a Remove Curse and a Diagnose Condition scroll
Ligeia Strand
 player, 146 posts
Fri 29 May 2020
at 16:36
Found Treasure Record
41 sp, 9gp.
5/29: +64 sp from sale of weapons and armor
105 sp, 9 gp
6/24: -7 sp for Liegeia's lodging
98 sp, 9 gp

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Ligeia Strand
 player, 255 posts
Sun 10 Jan 2021
at 21:07
Found Treasure Record
Guard Tower
  • dark blue cloak in the color of Messiah (corroded)
  • shield of the Knights of the grail
  • scale mail armor and helm
  • silver necklace with a chalice pendant, a purse, and a dagger
  • "Lightbringer" a blessed longsword -> Gorn
  • Indigo Blue robe
  • gnarled staff in one hand (magical?)
  • backpack: Ink and Quill, Silver Dagger, Waterskin, Leather Pouch, Pipe and Pipeweed, 1 week preserved rations
  • bedroll
  • leather purse:8gp 100cp ->Afamrail
  • sapphire blue ring
  • a book of spells -> Afamrail

  • Pipe and pipe weed, 3 flasks of a clear liquid, Dark Green Cloak, Thieves tools
  • Short Sword, Sling, Sling Bullets 20, dagger
  • Leather pouch- 13gp, 109 sp, 4 cp -> Afamrail
  • bible, Backpack
  • 2 scrolls (Symbol and Blade Barrier) -> Rubus

  • 5gp, 38sp, and 4cp in leather pouch -> Afamrail
  • 5 throwing dagger -> Afamrail
  • a strange book with runes translated into common that appears to be some kind of druidic
     knowledge. -> Afamrail

Chest A:
  • a Wooden box with 24 cross bow bolts, maple comb
  • Bottle of oil for blades, stone blade sharpener
  • Folded Blackwell Coat of Arms Flag
  • Bag of 30 sling stones, felt bag with 10 silver sling stones
  • Spyglass range 1 mile -> Ligeia

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