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Mon 3 Jan 2022
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These games are ACTIVE and LOOKING FOR PLAYERS with Link to game provided.  Do NOT ask questions here but click on that game link listed to ask questions [or Rmail the GM, contact on Discord].  Thank you and enjoy your FREEFORM gaming experience.

If you find a game is no  longer active then please send me word in a REQUEST TO JOIN and I will look into it and if necessary will remove it from our listings.  Thank you for helping us keep this FREEFORM LIST going properly!

The games found in these lists are solely the responsibility of that GAME OWNER (GM).  I am NOT responsible for any actions in any of the games listed but my own, ladysharlyne.
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Tue 25 Jan 2022
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YOUR RPol NAME: Savitariuss    DISCORD #: Savitariuss #3104

GAME NAME & LEVELS: Olympus Has Fallen (Adult)

GENRE':  Apocalyptic, Contemporary, Fantasy

GAME LINK: link to another game

POSTING SPEED: Slow to Moderate (couple of times a week)

BRIEF ONE PARAGRAPH SYNOPSIS OF THE GAME: This game takes place in the year 2021, on the island of Rhodes, after the fall of the Greek gods. Hades (of course it was Hades) betrayed the Olympians, and freed the Titans from Tartarus, marking the start of the second Titanomachy- the war between god and titan. The betrayal of Hades took place ten years before the start of the game, in 2011. The war has raged, several gods have fallen and many mortal lives have been lost. However, the remaining Greek gods have gone into hiding and gathered on the island of Rhodes, where they prepare their army for upcoming battles. Having called in favors and formed alliances with many pantheons, reinforcements come from all over the world in the form of demigods, mythical creatures and humans from all walks of life, looking to join the fight. Players will take on the role of soldier in the Olympian Initiative, or refugees seeking the protection of the Olympians and their allies, in hopes of riding out the war in a safe location. Or, maybe you're a spy, infiltrating the Initiative on behalf of the Titans? There are plenty of options for personal plots to unfold and even more opportunities for creative freedom, in this world on the brink of destruction.

CHARACTERS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR: Any and all concepts are welcome. It's a bit too lengthy to post here, but there is a Casting Call section in the RTJ thread, in-game, if you're wanting a bit of direction in the character creation process.
LOOKING FOR A coGM?: Not at the moment.