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Tue 6 Apr 2021
at 11:44
How to  bump
I don't understand how I can bump my game advertisement. Where is the option?
Thank you in advance for any kind reply
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Tue 6 Apr 2021
at 11:48
How to  bump
In reply to stivale (msg # 1):

In players wanted? Just type a reply and it will automatically force the post to the top of the board (as long as it's been a week {?} since the last post).
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Tue 6 Apr 2021
at 12:12
How to  bump
you have to wait for  7  days. There is a count down clock on the information  'box' at the top of your ad.

 As Writer  said,  when the  clock is gone it will indorm you it is ready for bumping.  you can just hit  replay  and  put 'bump'.

I prefer to  cut and paste   my reply from the last one, with updates of post  counts  and  highligh 'quick read' information.