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Thu 7 Oct 2021
at 13:23
Odd bug?
This is really weird.

I have a post where I am keeping track of an encounter, and I use the strike out feature to show the original hit points when damage is taken.

Being a lazy sort, I don't type the code, but click the feature down below.

Several of the creatures have been hit, but one of them does not show the strike thru, even though the code did pop up when I clicked the feature. It worked just fine on the others.

I tried and retired it several times, and it simply will never take.

Not a big deal, but weird.


There, it happened again. Any Mod should be able to edit my post and see the code around the number four.

Is it perhaps 4 specific?



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Thu 7 Oct 2021
at 13:41
Odd bug?
This might be a configuration issue with your browser and the font it uses.

On my end the example of the 4 with the strike through you posted appears with a strike through as it should.

Though in my browser the strike line is exactly as wide as the horizontal line in the 4 character.  So I'm wondering if it's actually there on your end, but somehow well enough aligned on the vertical axis with the 4 character that it overlaps the horizontal line, making it effectively invisible.

Maybe add a period or two on either side of the 4, so you can see where the strike through line is?

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Thu 7 Oct 2021
at 13:51
Odd bug?
You are a wonder, many thanks.

Mods, please close this thread.
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Thu 7 Oct 2021
at 18:36
Odd bug?
So you have an idea of what it looks on my end, this is it super blown up, so, yeah that strike line is real close to the four.  Maybe shift fonts?