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Mon 5 Sep 2022
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Game Search Function is Borked
I just tried a few searches (I never use game search for games, just for GM searches), and discovered the Search function is broken.  If you search for a multi-word Game system when you hit "Next 25" it reverts to a single word search.  So for instance "Dungeons and Dragons 5e" will become a search for just "Dungeons" after the first page.

And if searching for Active and Inactive games, once you hit the Inactive game's listings it only ever shows the first 25 Inactive games.

In fact, it only ever lsits teh first 25 Inactive Games, even if only searching for Inactive Games.

Lastly, if I search for a name and there are no results it takes me to a logged out version of the No Results page... which seems like a weird error as I'm not actually logged out (back spacing or opening new pages has me still logged in).

And these is probably actually a *feature* of the search, but there is no way to search for a partial game name, you better know the whole full name or you get No Results (logged out), and Deleted games have no system so you cannot search for deleted games via the Game System.

All this came from trying to hunt for Message Board Mafia games...

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