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Sir Jonathan Beaupre II

Character Name:
Sir Jonathan Beaupre

Jonathan is a tall man in both stature and presence as he can freeze a criminal with the firm dark gaze and a stern word. But while a member of the aristocracy, Jonathan is different in many ways. First his skin is tanned from the sun, often working alongside his crew with his strong back and shoulders exposed, doing work which would make many nobles blanch at the thought. His hands are calloused from the pulling of ropes and the use of the sword at his hip. His shoulder length black hair is tied back in a short tail and while on ship he favors the loose shirts and dark trousers that are a comfort he cannot enjoy on land. In serving his duty he wears his blue coat and finer garb of his office walking with his sword at his hip and a cane as a gentleman. But while never a peasant, he has many tendencies that make him too... rough for the aristocrats to fully embrace him.

Jonathan was raised as a gentleman, and learned all that a gentleman should know; as such he is skilled in the ways of court, riding a horse, finance and history, law and more. Jonathan is talented at reading people; often able to tell when they are lying or withholding information as many a guilty party has learned. But Jonathan is not afraid to face danger as a hunter of pirates at sea; he is an able sailor and often works alongside the sailors to keep the ship sailing. But Jonathan is ferocious in battle, with sword and pistol and his bare hands he can and has bested many a criminal, and in noble battles he has never lost a duel though he avoids them as best as possible. Jonathan is a decent dancer, although a bit out of practice since he has been a bachelor for many years now.

The magistrate and law of Cornwall, loyal to King and country.

Character's History:
Born to a wealthy man, Jonathan grew up with knowledge of what it meant to lead others. His father had been a soldier and had served with honor and loyalty, and his son learned these values as he grew up. Serving in the navy Jonathan earned the title of magistrate of Cornwall serving on land and in the ocean. Although he truly felt more at home on the open seas, he serves as an unyielding agent of the King’s. When the civil war erupted Jonathan joined those loyal to the king and stamped out the rebellion. For his loyalty and service he was granted many boons from the king himself. He is the King's privateer and Magistrate of Cornwall.  The King's Hand now sent to Tortuga to bring down the pirates.  He is known as the pirate Cpt. Hunter there.  His best friend and first mate is Jakob Thornlee/Calico Jack.

Jonathan married and was happy for a time, but he soon found that his wife was secretly robbing his coffers and made off with a wealth to go to her lover. He later tracked them down and killed both of them.It was a crushing blow for Jonathan who had learned the cruel lesson of love’s dangers. He focused on his work and avoided parties and women as he hardened his heart. For he doubted any who sought his company save his oldest friend Jakob, but time mends wounds even of the heart and while not very warm to women beyond courtesy he is, at least, not fully cold to them. His view has been changed since the first meeting with Cerridwen and time will show how her presence affects his destiny.

Jonathan married Cerridwen and had a month of wedded bliss, but she too had a story behind her and when he was holding a masquerade ball for the King she told him that she had married him because she needed money to pay off the mortgage held by the evil Durnley.  Jonathan and her had an argument as he felt the pains of his first marriage.  The lies.  A lot more - just ask Cerridwen.