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Captain Smyth

Your Character's name: Captain Smith

Character's age: 27

Character's Description: Captain Smith is a pirate and smuggler of notorious reputation. His face and head is hidden by a mask that hides his identity from the world. Some say he is grotesquely disfigured, and that he wears the mask because he is ashamed of his true appearance. Others say it is simply for show, a tool used to scare his victims and grant him recognition wherever the image of the mask appears. None have seen his true face, and few have survived to tell of even the appearance of the mask. His crew is ruthless and murderous, and a true threat to civilized society everywhere. His ship, The Rum Runner, is light and fast, to fast for most ships of the royal navy. It is also surprisingly well armed, with full cannons on either side, and a small, swivel mounted cannon on the rear. The Rum Runner can drop off the map for weeks at a time, and the location of their hideout is beyond the best guesses of the court and the military.

Characters skills/weaponry(this will NOT be added to as you go along):
A shoulder holster with pistol
a pistol on the right side of his waist
a sword on the left side of his waist
General nastiness

Background/History of your character: Captain Smith, a moniker granted him by the fearful populace after a few daring raids that confounded the navy, is a well known pirate and smuggler. His crew affectionately calls him by that name as well, since few if any know his real name. His ship, The Rum Runner, is well known, and a scourge to any naval vessel that might spy it off the coast of England. Few know where he came from originally. One day a small town was hit by a vicious pirate assault and the image of a mask was all that remained on the ground where the town's main building had been. A few days later, goods were confiscated from a known trafficker of illegal goods. These barrels bore the mark of a mask carved in to the tops. The mask began to appear across England. Stories began to circulate of a pirate who took few prisoners. These tales were propagated by drunken sailors who claimed to have survived the violent attacks on merchant vessels. Tales of women, ravaged and wrecked, appearing on the shore line with a crude mask cut in to their arms arrived from the coastal villages. Rumors spread that the man was a ghost, a haunting figure who could be killed by no man made weapon. These rumors went even farther, declaring him an agent from hell, sent to punish those who sinned against god. While these last theories were less wide spread, they showed how far the tales had come. From simple barrels with a symbol carved in to them, to a messenger from hell in a matter of months. Smith continues to ravage the waters of England. Uncaught, and still very much alive.