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Sir Malcolm Durnley

Lord Malcolm Durnley
Age:  35
5'8" tall

He is a notorious gambler and wins most all the time.  He also loans money to Nobles for gambling and then takes estates and properties, jewelry, etc for payment and holds mortgages over peoples heads for favours.

He is the Steward for King Charles II and tells the King's Hand, Jonathan Beaupre' whom to pursue and not to pursue to bring to Hangman's justice.

He loaned money to Cerridwen Chisholm's gambling addicted and alcoholic father and took the mortgage of Falconcrest for security.  He had Lord Chisholm killed in an alley and now holds the mortgage of the derelict property in Cornwall over the Lady Cerridwen's head.  He has allowed her thus far 30 days to come up with the money.  She herself is destitute so her Aunt Catherine chose a 'mark' for Cerri to become the mistress of... Lord Captain Jonathan Beaupre' now the King's Hand to carry out chasing down, trying and hanging those 'outside the law'.  It helped that Cerri is a beautiful young woman and Beaupre' married her unknowing she had set out only to get money off him to save her home.

Durnley had a quarrel with Colonel Owens, Catherine Chisholm's fiance at that time,  and went to the docks luring him there and shot him himself and just as a young lady came off Bart Dreadwalker's ship he shot her too.  Disappearing into the shadows then framed Bart for the two murders.  Bart was a strong Royalist and on an equal with Jonathan in the King's eyes but the King sent him to the Tower of London for life.  Bart escaped and vows to get revenge on all involved.  (Bart is no longer in the game)

Lady Catherine Chisholm wanted to try to help Cerri and went to Lord Dunley who was a Court friend to try to talk to him.  He managed to twist her own words around and still only gave Cerri the original 30 days but said he would retract that if Catherine did not do him a favor when he asked.  She would have to do anything he wanted of her until that mortgage was paid.  Catherine had fallen in love with the Frenchman Hercule who thought to retrieve the mortgage and ended up in a sword fight almost to the death with the highly skilled master swordsman Lord Durnley.

Durnely managed to kill the Frenchman Hercule as well But with the death of Charles II wife, he has taken his old mistress and love, Lady Catherine Chisholm, back to his bed and side in Court.  What will Durnley do about this turn of events!

Durnley is a very sly and cunning man and very deadly.  He will make sure the price is too dear for many to pay for this mortgage.  He is out to kill Hercule now and have his way with Catherine.

So he is a murderer, a womaniser, a cheat, a thief and over all just not the most likeable man around.