Ah Lam Liu

Ah Lam Liu

The Human:

American Name: Lana
Date of Birth: October 24, 1990
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Physical Appearance:
Height: 52"
Weight: 92 lbs
Body Type: Delicate
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Light Golden to pale, depending on season
Scent: On the top, Lana smells of strawberries, bright and joyful. But it is a perfume masking what lies beneath: Winter. Lana smells of snow and frost. Deep cold and that tingle of ozone after a blizzard passes.

Lana is known for her calm presence when facing challenges. She does not burn hot, but goes cold and calculating if ired. Outside of adversity, she's a generally friendly personality. She is loyal, faithful, and tends to lead with charm instead of a stick. Quick to smile, she genuinely enjoys the company of people.

However, Lana is one of those people that becomes too passionate over everything in her life. Work, school, play - they are all too easily tipped from casual to obsession. She can get agitated quickly with people that don't listen. Her softness still covers the dominance of an Alpha, and when things don't go her way, she can become icy. Once she gets pushed beyond her threshold to anger, she tends not to forgive or forget. She will wait until the most opportune time to strike. It is not outside her personality to plot. It is also not outside her personality to enact karma - giving worse than she gets by tenfold.

Lana is deathly afraid of deep water. Her first real attempt at surfing, she got caught in a rip-tide and carted out in the undertow. It took CPR to revive her and she's avoided anything deeper than she can see ever since.

Character History:
Lana grew up in New Orleans' little Chinatown. A third generation immigrant, her grandparents moved to the US and settled into the region of Louisiana. The United States was the land of opportunities and Chinese immigrants came in droves. Relocated outside the city during the Depression, her grandparents strove to raise their son well despite having their livelihoods threatened, mucking out a life doing what odd jobs they could. As times changed, her father settled in New Orleans proper and took over the oversight of an import/export business. A few years later, he married her French mother and the pair rose themselves out of a life of living paycheck to paycheck.

Her childhood was strong and sturdy, her father imparting a strong sense of duty and honor. Loyalty to your word when you gave it, and bravery to stand up against what was wrong. Her mother taught her patience and kindness, that the best things in life took time, and defeat was only an obstacle to overcome. They were her world, and she theirs, though their secrets and their past would not last forever. In March of 2005, both of her parents were taken from her in a violent car accident. Fourteen, suddenly alone, vulnerable and in the transition of puberty, Lana's entire world crumbled.

When the dust settled, she found herself in the Guardianship of Arthur Rothschild. A business partner of Levi Liu's, he stood beside her at every court hearing with the state. Stood when strangers came forward to contest her inheritance and her guardianship. As her life slowly stopped being a courtroom, Lana settled into her new role as warden. But something had changed through all the ordeal, and Lana had gone from being outgoing to quiet and observant. It was through the course of those days it was revealed to her the biggest secret of all - her father had been a Wolf.

A new sort of obsession began. If she couldn't have her father, she would continue what he had started. She would take over his business and join the community he had been a part of. Her attentions turned to her education and she studied her way to top marks. When she turned eighteen, she was legally able to approach the pack. Uncle Artie, her Guardian, gave her an ultimatum. He would not support her if she went to the wolves. Banking on their bond, and her love of him to keep her away, he could do nothing as she placed herself into Juan-Vidal's hands. Arthur left New Orleans, returning to his holdings in Asia, and Lana was incorporated into Juan-Vidal's bloody business.

Of course, her indoctrination was less violent. She was Levi's daughter, and her inheritance was solidly bound behind legalese that he couldn't crack. So he gave her to one of his loyal Lieutenants, a man by the name of Orlando Santiago. The man that took both her innocence and her humanity.

Lana's first shift was violent and painful, but she endured. She coaxed the wolf forward, communicated with it, bonded with it, and became unusually controlled in a very short time. Her relationship with Orlando grew, affection filling her heart, and he treated her well. The first six months was filled with an odd sort of blissful happiness. She was attending the local college to work on her degree, and it was a night coming home after a long study session that caused the first incident.

Orlando flew into rage as she walked in. Yelling and screaming about how he could smell other men on her. That he had called and she had ignored him. She stood up to his words, trying to talk him down, when the first slap came. He hit her hard enough to knock her to the floor, not banking his superior strength. Stunned, she looked up at him with tears in her eyes. Mute, he stormed out of the house and Lana was left to cry. The next morning he returned home. Roughed up a bit, he found her and slid into bed. He stroked her hair and apologized, kissed her face and made excuses for his jealousy. That was the first morning he brought her roses.

Over the course of months, the roses increased. Smaller and smaller incidents set off his rage, until the affection she had felt for him strangled up and died. At this point she was trapped. A bride to a monster with no escape. Orlando cut off her communication with Arthur, made sure her attempt to reach him resulted in a punishment that would not be forgotten. He got good at hiding the bruises where no one could see, and Lana got good at living in near constant pain.

He used her, warped her, turned her into a living doll for his will. As the veil on the pack was pulled away, Lana was drug along as proof of his dominance. Her ability to manifest changes in her appearance came early, and he delighted in morphing her form and face before taking her along to meetings. She stood in the corner at a lot of meetings. Watched murder, rape, and learned to turn her face to stone.

Behind her eyes, however, she was not broken. Every punishment was another slam on the forge of her will. Every horror a heat to hone the blade. While Orlando thought he was creating a supplicant female, he was creating a monster.

Lana's wolf learned patience. Her time away from Orlando was spent collecting her head, breathing fresh air. But she could not find a way out. Then the opportunity came in the name of Isabella Prichard. A chance meeting at the farmer's market. The one wolf Juan-Vidal did not control, for whatever reason. Izzie became her anchor and confidant. Meeting in secret when they could, became a dangerous game. To avert suspicion, Lana finally caved to Orlando. Became the female he had been trying so hard to create. Sweet, loving, and fully submissive to him. Eyes low, she played a doting wife, even while she sent her college applications to Universities all over the US.

Izzie's contact at UCLA pushed her through first. The acceptance letter came to begin her Bachelor's.

Orlando was the one that found it in the mail.

Breaking his normal pattern, he sifted through the letters first. Perhaps the Lady Fate had put them on this path, or perhaps Lord Chaos had decided it was time to kick over the blocks, either way, Lana returned home to darkness. Orlando sat in his chair, his handsome face grinning, murder and anger blazing in his near-black eyes.

He almost killed her that night, leaving her on the step of Death as blood rattled in her lungs. Every bone had been fractured, a few beyond even her shifter's ability to heal properly. He left her there for two days, floating in and out of conciousness, before finally contacting Juan-Vidal.

She was given medical attention, tended to as her first round of healing required bones to be rebroken and set. When she was finally healed, Lana was no longer the girl she had been. His damage had honed her walls of ice and stone. Another month passed and she returned to him. Once more she was his faithful bride. Time ticked and she waited. Then once his guard was down, she enacted her revenge. With a stolen baseball bat, she returned the favor. The first strike was enough to stun him, and she left him in the same state he had left her. Taking only her vital documents, Lana ran. She went to Izzie, and Izzie sent her to California.

Her time in LA eventually drew her away from the horror of Los Sangrientos. She learned how a functioning pack worked. Slowly, she unwound some of the stiffness. Then the first dozen roses came. Dead, withered, tied in a pretty black bow. On her birthday, the day she was given to Orlando, the day he infected her, their warped anniversary. They followed her, for Christmas, Valentine's Day, the anniversary of her parent's death. No matter where she went, who she was with, always a reminder that he was watching her.

Then Juan-Vidal died. Julia took over. The pack was shaken and Izzie reached out. War was brewing. It was time to finally act, to put an end to Juan-Vidal's bloody regime. It was time to go home. Bent but not Broken

The Wolf

Species: Canis Lupis Albus
Pack: Stone Cairn
Position: Alpha
Height: 32 inches
Length: 6'8" (with tail)
Weight: 81 lbs
Coloration: Cream and Tan
Eyes: Honey


In addition to all the standard abilities and weaknesses, Lana has the following:

Partial Shifting
Cosmetic Shifting
Quick Shifting
Resist Moon's Call
Harmony with Nature
Silent Hunter
Tame the Beast
Call the Beast